A happy heart makes the face cheerful...Proverbs 15:13

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shapes in the Sky

Today was indeed the most beautiful day we have had since...last fall :) The breeze was blowing, there was a slight chill in the air, the sky was gorgeous. Big fluffy cloud spread throughout the sky, the sun was setting and shooting out through the small spaces between the clouds. It was one of those AHHHH moments. It's one of those moments where you just inhale and exhale and thank God for his Glory. As we were headed home from an errand we began to notice the awesome shapes in the sky. I pointed out a pirate parrot. My husband pointed out a flying eagle(I though it looked like a buzzard but I wasn't going to ruin that image). It was nose to nose with my parrot. The boys started to join in and I am pretty sure we saw nearly every animal in the sea.
Once we got home I decided to take advantage of a teachable moment. So I laid down on the grass and invited the others to join me. I could imagine my neighbors saying, "Look at those wierdos laying all in the front yard, pointing at the clouds". As I started to point out the big fluffy cumulo-nimbus clouds and the thin alto-stratus covering the sun, my 3 year old continued to point out 5 kangeroo's and my 8 and 6 year old were so over it! Well at least we got to name a few clouds. Then we sat, just me and my preschooler. Noticing the look of "what in the world are you taking about", I changed the subject to a simple lesson of "Keegan, do you know who made the clouds? To my surprise he elegantly answered "Uhhh, God. Duh, mommy".

So what started as me taking advantage of a woo-hoo teachable moment turned into a moment to teach me! Your kids can surprise you. They always, ALWAYS know more than you think they do. They also have no problem telling you that your an idiot(in so many words). :)

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