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Friday, September 3, 2010

The God Box

As a mother, especially a homeschooling mom, I have days even weeks in which I am overwhelmed with worry. I worry over my kids, my husband, the school work we got behind on, about everything that needs to get done, or even what dinner we'll be eating every night this week. A few years ago I realized that if you allow for worries to continue to multiply, you will most likely find yourself in a state where you would rather give up.
You know, we have it easy! Thats right I said it. We have it EASY! Could you imagine if we could see into our future and our childrens future? Can you imagine knowing all of the problems and challenges that you would face? For most of us, we would just give up before we even got started! Unless, of course, you are the blessed one that has a life with absolutley no challenges! :)
But here's what so great: There is one person who knows our future and friends it is not you or I. It is the Lord. He is the only one who can take our cares from us! It is so importanat to have faith in Him. He will always give us the things we need as we need them and in his own time.
Take it one day at a time. One prayer at a time. Dont waste the energy, that could be given to your families, on worry.
Here's a project for you to try over the next few weeks. Create a God box.
Take an old show box, a gift box or even a old tissue box and cut a slit in the top of it. Decoarte it with your family using construction paper, stickers, or markers and finish it off with quotes that encourage "casting your cares on God". Then cut up many pieces of paper and sit them next to the box. Okay, its made, now what? Well, encourage your family to use it!! Use this as a tool, as a physical, visual way to see that you are casting your cares to God. Write your worry on the paper and slip it into the box. Everytime that worry pops back up you can remember that you have already given it to God. You could take this a step further by choosing one day a week to take out all the worries and praying for them yourself or as a family.
I have found this to be a great tool with the kids. The worries they offer are so minimal. For instance we had one last week that started: "I might not get ice cream this week". Could you imagine only worrying about getting ice cream this week. Man, what a relief that would be. But you know what, I would'nt want them worrying about anything else! I have no problem praying to God to let my son have some ice cream this week!

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