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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer School Courses

Summer is a great time to offer extra curricular classes for your children. This summer I have decided to do 2 different classes with our boys. Basic Cooking and How to Clean. (not pick up, but clean). This is something that I would like to do every summer. It is also something that can advance with their age. I decided to do these classes because at some point the boys will be moving on and out of our home. They are going to have to know how to do the basics for themselves. That knowledge will be a wonderful asset for them once the enter into marriage.

Here is how our weeks will go:

Week 1~
Basic Cooking:
Day 1:
            Following directions
            Clean as you go
            Boiling water
            Cooking noodles
Day 2:
            Measuring properly
            Scrambled eggs
            Frying Bacon(Different ways to cook)
Day 3:
             Stove and oven safety, burn treatment
             Homemade chicken noodle soup
             Grilled cheese

Day 4:
             Baking chicken breast
             Boiling raw vegetables
Day 5:
               Cooking temperatures(eggs, meat)/Uncooked food illness
               Sausage Gravy
               Biscuits(refrigerated containers and homemade)
Extra: Learn about meals that freeze well(lasagna, tuna casserole). Make some meals for some families in need.

Toward the beginning of the school we plan to attend Mixing Bowl Academy. Mixing Bowl academy offers live cooking classes that are made just for kids. You have the option to look at the menus ahead of time and pick out a month of live classes that sound the most interesting to you. The best part is its an inexpensive and fun way to introduce your kiddos to cooking.
Week 2:
Basic Cleaning

Day 1:
       Germs and bacteria
       Bathroom Cleanliness

Day 2:
       Why we clean/Whats in the air
        Laundry(separating, loading)

Day 3:
       Whats Dust?
        Dusting and sweeping

Day 4:
        Organized cleaning(All toys in correct bucket, laundry in correct drawers)
        Clean as you go

Day 5:
        Create our new chore charts
        Discuss rewards
        Discuss initiative and teamwork
Extra-  "Adopt" an elderly widow/widower and help them clean their home a few times a month

What extra curricular classes do you enjoy doing with your kiddos?

2011/2012 Curriculum

Finally..I am am finished determining curriculum! Back in February, I had decided on all of my curriculum. Then after attending 2 homeschool conferences, I changed mostly all of our individual studies and altered some combined studies. I was able to find all of these used(except for our Bible because its a new series) and even found a couple items at goodwill. Buying them used saved us nearly $250-$300.

Art:(2nd and 4th gr.)

Science:(2nd and 4th)

History: (2nd and 4th)
     Story of the World- We use the audio.

Bible: (All)
     Telling God's Story

Foreign Language: (2nd and 4th)
     Learn in your car(CD)

2nd Grade




Houghton Mifflin English Text

4th Grade



Miscellaneous Cursive Work books

Bob Jones- Reading for Christian Schools-
Skill Builders- Reading Comprehension


What new curriculum's are you trying this year?