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Monday, September 6, 2010

Do you have an anti-homeschool friend or family member?

Every homeschooling family, at one point, deals with a family member or a friend who approaches them about their feelings with your homeschooling choice. As someone just beginning homeschooling and even for some veterans, it can very difficult to respond. I decided to write this as a helpful manual, if you will, on steps you can take to make it through these conversations. Some of the most common questions or concerns are:

What about socialization? Who will they play with? Will they be around kids the same age?
What kind of structure can they have at home?
When do you get "you" time?
What kind of activities can you offer that matches what a public school can give?
What's the quality of the education?
Won't that hinder your kid's personalities?
How do your kids feel about it?
The reasoning's and explanations for these questions might vary from parent to parent. There is no better answer than your own. Try to use these guidelines below as steps that you can take through the conversation:

1. RESPECT~The first thing that you have to remember is to respect their opinion. Do not get offended because someone doesn't agree with you. Everyone will have their own point of view and it is going to be up to you to explain yours. They might accept it, they might not. Don't be disappointed if your explanation goes ignored.
2. ASK WHY? Ask why they don't believe in homeschooling. Ask them if they have researched homeschooling or if they are passing judgment from gossip or news articles. Unfortunately for us, what they show on on the news are homeschooling extremist who allow there children to do whatever they want and learn if they wish too. Explain that this is NOT how normal homeschooling works. It is very difficult to try to hear the opinion of someone who has never once typed in "homeschooling" in google or stepped foot in a library to read one of the millions of books on it. They are speaking out of ignorance, so this opportunity offers a lot of room for explanation and conversation. In most of these situations the person is simply misinformed. Offer links, books and articles that might help to inform them more. Show them research.
3. REMEMBER YOUR REASONING. You must have had your reasons before you began homeschooling. Remember them. Stand by them. Do not let someones criticism allow you to lose heart. Let it give you a sense of motivation to prove them wrong. Now, this doesn't mean rub it in their face when you child does something amazing. Just know in your heart that they are wrong and you are doing what you have set out to do. Remember also that the education of your children rests on your shoulders, they may disagree, but they will have no choice but to respect your decision. Stay calm and remain positive.
4. AGREE TO DISAGREE- Even after all you efforts, you will have those stubborn ones who just aren't going to agree with you. Then simply leave it at that. Agree to disagree and just don't bring it up again.

If you have any other positive insight, please feel free to add them on a comment.

Have a blessed one!!

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  1. Any time I brought up the issue of home schooling, the socialization aspect is what was most brought up. But kids have other activities besides those at school to get to know other kids and be involved. In fact, the socializing aspect is what holds a lot of kids back in school - they are more concerned with their friends at school than they are about learning.