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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning can be fun too.

This is Club Kid.

This is Club Baby.

In the midst of all the fun. The members of Club Baby,who transformed into evil munchkins, were determined to attack and destroy the facilities of Club Kid.
My 9 year old, who is the original architect of Club Kid, was forced to rebuild hid domain at least 5 times. After rebuilding what seemed to be a million times, he gave up. He went and sat across the room and grieved over the loss of his Club. I, Queen Momsi (Well that's what they were calling me) had to comfort the lone architect.
AHHHHHH (The angles sang)! "Logan, do you see how hard it can be to keep up a home?"
(Your not Joking, says Logan) "Do you see how hard it is to have to rebuild it day after day after day?" "How does it make you feel when the little munchkins destroying it, don't care how aggravating it is to you?"
By this time, It was obvious he knew where I was going with this. But being mom, I explained anyway. "Son, that is why I ask for you boys to help me with your laundry, your room, the dishes, and all the other small chores I ask you to help with."
It takes a lot of energy to rebuild(By rebuild, I mean re-clean) your home everyday. That's why we have to work as a team to get it all done.
With the response of "Okay", The Architect went on to create magnificent plans to combine clubs and have an even greater club. And they all lived happy ever after. At least until the next brotherly argument :)
I always love when teachable moments come about while we are playing. It sometimes seems as though God puts them right in front of you. Maybe he will be more understanding when I am asking for is help. Probably not, but a girl can dream can't she?

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  1. You are able to find teachable moments in everything. it is a gift that God has given you. This makes you a talented Mother and keeps you focused and energized. keep up the blog. It is very good