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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Febraury and March Calander Time Projects

Talk about taking the back burner. My poor blog has been so neglected. With all the relocation stress, things have been busy. The best part is we are no longer relocating. The stress has magically (and graciously by God) been lifted off of my shoulders. My husband was offered a wonderful job, my kids are signed up for the football league that they have been waiting ALL year to play, the house is the way we want it since we fixed it up to sell, and spring is here. I feel so humbled and at peace.
That being said here are our "The Months" calender time projects for February and March. I will add our pictures soon.

Pocket 2: February all dripping wet

You could do a melting ice experiment with this project. Freeze a nice sized chuck of ice(empty cottage cheese containers work well) Place the ice block onto a tray to catch the drips. Sprinkle ice with salt. Observe and report your findings.

Dripping Wet Paintings:
After covering your work area with newspaper, cut water color paper top fit a shallow tray, such as a jellyroll pan. Soak watercolor paper in water for five minutes. While paper is soaking, fill disposable cups with about1 teaspoon of liquid watercolor. Place wet paper onto a newspaper covered surface, allowing it to drain for a minute or two. Dips a small paintbrush into the watercolor and then onto wet paper. Use bold strokes or tiny ones. As the colors hit the paper they will flow and bleed together creating a beautiful piece of art that is all dripping wet.

Pocket 3: March wind ranges;

There are some greats poem that will work well with March. One is "Who has seen the wind" by Christina Rosetti. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote windy poems as well. "Windy Nights" and "The Wind".

Make Wind Socks:
Use markers, paints, or crayons to decorate a (6'' X 8'') strip of construction paper. Next, cut 9 26''0long crepe paper streamers and glue them to the back of the bottom edge of the paper. Roll into a tube lengthwise and tape together. Finally knot a 30'' piece of string at each end and staple the knots to the tube sides to make a handle. Hang the wind sock and watch it in the ranging wind.

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