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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bisquick Week

I scream, you scream, we all scream for.......Bisquick.
The Bisquick Week Challenge March 21st-25Th, 2011

I totally, enthusiastically, creatively, beyond the shadow of a doubt LOVE Bisquick. Why do I love it so? Well, for one you can make nearly anything with it. It works for any meal. It offer time saving solutions, and here's a surprise, it's quick!

Bisquick offers a variety of products such as, Original mix, Heart Smart mix, Gluten Free mix, shake n pour pancakes, and Bisquick Complete "just add water" biscuits.
Did I mention you can make nearly anything with this. There are thousands, upon thousand of Bisquick recipes. There are many that I thought I invented only to find out, someone else has too.
You can search recipes at: www.bettercrocker.com/products.bisquick/recipes

Besides Bisquick, I also love to be challenged in cooking. I love to learn new skills, try new foods, and explore new cooking methods. So, I have created a new challenge for myself, in which I have dubbed,(In deep echoed man voice) "The Bisquick Week Challenge" Duh Duh Dadaaaaaa.

Normally, I will use Bisquick in 4-5 recipes a month. With this challenge I will cook 4 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert) for 5 week days, incorporating Bisquick into every recipe.

I will post all recipes the night before so that you all may join the challenge if you wish.

A great thing about the Bisquick site, is that it allows you to pick a recipe, print it, and add it it a named grocery list. Once I decided what recipes worked best for my family, I was able to save them to my grocery list and it printed out in categories(dry, baking, meats,etc). What a great widget. It made shopping for this week a breeze.

Are you ready for the Bisquick week Challenge? Join me March 21st- March 25Th, 2011 as I get me Bisquick on!! Learn some new recipes or share some old favorites.
There will be give-a-way drawings everyday! There will be a different Bisquick item available each day of the challenge.

Good Luck and Happy Bisquicking!!!

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