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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reverting to a Wild State

Untamed, uncultivated, undomesticated...3 words that just about describe my 3 year old. I really could have called this post "raising a feral child". Keegan is one of the sweetest, most clever, funniest, Witty, independent, charismatic kids. Those of you that know him fall in love with his impish behavior.However, that behavior can be often annoying, mostly chaotic, messy in every way, and beyond dangerous.

I keep telling myself, "He'll grow out of this". "Really he will!". Oh man, I better start praying harder!

Keegan just doesn't have days. He has an every day of every week.

This is just a portion of what I hear every day.

"Mooooommm, Keegan is painting poop on the bathroom counter"

"Mooooooomm, Keegan just peed on the carpet and on the dog"

"Mooooooomm, Keegans about to jump off the book case" ( 5 shelves high)

"Mooooommm, Keegan won't put his pants back on" (This is when he comes in yelling
("I'MMMMMMMMMMM NAKED) Always naked. I at least have him kind of wearing his underwear now.

Anyone else exhausted yet? No! Okay Ill continue.

As my mother and I were comparing prices at a store, I stopped to check on Keegan to make sure that he was still next to me and he was. Not even 10 seconds later I hear "Gramma, watch!" We turn just in time to see him do a sky dive jump off the tallest dining room table in the furniture section. As we both scolded him, he just watched us with a smirk on his face. I imagine he was thinking "That was so fun".

He also tried this at a park. He climbed to the top of the biggest tunnel slide of the park, which happens to be about 2 stories up. Instead of going down the slide he decided he was going to climb on the outside of the slide to try to go down it...walking. As I watched this, everything starts going in slow motion, I am already picturing my child fall to his death. This time, however, he stood up for a second and the slowly sat down and said down to me "Mom, I think this would break my neck". Ya think son. As I coached him to sit still, I sent his brother up to help him climb back over the rail.

You thought I was joking!

Now in most cases he asks "Mom, will this kill me or break my neck?" My response is normally "Ummm, Both, GET DOWN!"

I am not exaggerating when I say that I cannot leave him unattended for a second.

We work on school work at our desks in the basement. Occasionally, I do need to come upstairs to get some lunch going or get a drink of coffee. How he even finds the things he gets into in the 2 minutes I am away is beyond me. I think God implanted a magnet in him that attracts him to all things trouble. One of my favorites, the sharpie incident. I don't even keep sharpies in arms reach of ANY of my kids. They are one fridge or in my craft closet at the VERY top. How he got it is beyond me. All I know is, it took nearly a week to get it all removed. Sorry about the pic quality, it wont upload properly.You can still see the damage.

Oh and the paint. Can't forget about the paint. I was painting the walls downstairs. Now we were not doing school down there until I was finished painting. So, I cover the paint can and materials with a big plastic cover.While my older boys were outside playing and I thought both of my little ones were napping, I was doing my normal 'nap time' things. Reading, laundry, etc. I thought I heard something down there, but ignored it. Then I heard it again and decide to check it out. Keegan had decided to help me paint. He somehow got under all the plastic, opened the paint can and tried to pour it into the roller pan. The invisible rolling pan! Huge spot on the carpet, his foot prints from the spot, and a little blue Keegan. I think I was to angry to take pictures of that one :)

You know, with all my feral child does and all the....'excitement' he offers, he is my little man. I completely adore him and his impish ways. Despite my love for him, the 4's and 5's cannot come quick enough. Unless, of coarse, they are worse than the 3's. In that case, they can stay away!

What's your favorite story, memory, or disaster from your young children?

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