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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ladybugs, Ladybugs, Ladybugs

They are everywhere. Not in my garden, not on my porch, but in my HOUSE. Around nearly every ceiling light. Not sure where they came from. Lady bugs, lady bugs and more lady bugs.
First thought was obviously "kill the bugs". Its instinct right,? You see a bug, or multiple in my case, in your home, you kill it or them. As I began to slam my sandle against the wall and ceiling, I heard a screech that could have possibly woke the dead."Nooo (add feet stomping here) "My wadybugs"(Cue meltdown). Apparently, my 3 year old has been bringing them in, one by one, as he finds them outside because it was too cold for them outside.
This lead to a 10 minute cuddle session full of apologies. So, how do we find a solution to this "situation" that will not leave bugs all over my house or leave a child grieving over his lost ladybugs?

We made a ladybug habitat. I used our little fish net from our fish tank and caught about 12.

I created a notebooking sheet for notes and observations. *See created by me to the right* So we researched the internet to find out what a lady bug needs in its home to live. We used an empty prego sauce jar, put a few small sticks, pieces of grass, leaves, and a couple mist sprays of water in the jar. Add moistened raisens or small apple bits and ....Ta da...a lady bug habitat.

We will basically keep the habitat for 3-5 days and make observations every day. As far as my 3 yr old is concerned, we will keep them to warm them up and then we will let them go back outside and they will go find another warm place.

Mommy/K3 L9 M6

For us, this will only be a short study. However, this could easily turn into a longer study. You could research the types of lady bugs, learn the lady bug life cycle or learn the different body parts and sections.

I just hope that I can get rid of this creepy, crawling sensation that I continue to get. I swear they are all over me. What makes it worse is that I though we had caught them all. However, in the time it has taken me to write this, get up and check on sleeping babies..twice, and doing a load of laundry I have seen about 9 more.
Ewww. okay..just eww.

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