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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Lessons

I have to say that Fall/Autumn is my all time favorite season. It's the time when all the leaves turn into gorgeous colors that just relax your soul. It's the time where the air begins to chill. It's time for apples and pumpkins. For Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's also my favorite time to do nature studies. I love being outside during the fall season, so what better time to take the opportunity to learn about the nature that surrounds us. The studies I have chosen this year, I cannot take full credit for. I was able to print of the entire Autumn Series challenge from handbook of nature.(handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com) However, I have also created additional studies as well as corresponding studies. Here is my list of study items for each week. Feel free to follow along. I will add all attachments that I have made along with each week. This for grades Pre-K-3.
Week 1: Apples
*Read Child's biography of Johnny Appleseed
*Apple sheet for 2 different apples(draw pictures of each, words to describe apples)
*Complete Venn Diagram comparing the apples
*For Pre-K : A is for apple sheet
*Art Project:
Apple stamps(cutting the apple in half, dipping in paint, and stamping on page) Can be done on white t-shirts or construction paper.
Or Apple trees. Trace arm to elbow and hand with fingers open. Color trunk brown, Draw(or paint) in leaves. Dip your finger in red paint and make fingertip apples on tree.
Week 2: Trees
*Read a tree story. We are using this one. Moral story with comprehension questions www.kindbook.com/nature_en.htm.
*Seasonal tree journal sheet. Pick a seasonal tree. Draw it and describe its features.
*Oaks and acorns journal sheet. Find an oak tree. Draw it.Draw it's acorn. Describe its features.
*Find leaves from your trees. Talk about them and why they change and fall off.
*Pre-K- Allow your preschooler to draw trees with siblings.
*Art Project:
We are making our leaves into bookmarks by laminating them.
Or leaf stamps(done as apple stamps)
Week 3: Birds and Squirrels(You could turn this easily into a 2 week project if you would like to focus more on birds)
*Take a walk. Find a bird for each child. Research to find the name of the bird if it's not known.
*Bird Journal sheet. You might have to make a library trip to learn more facts about your bird.
*Squirrel Journal sheet. Find a squirrel print. (might have to find a picture) Describe your squirrel.
Pre-K- Color sheet of squirrel and bird. B is for Bird.
*Art Project:
Since it is nearing Thanksgiving, we are doing a hand and foot turkey. Tracing your hands and feet to make the turkey. I'll post pics to give you an idea.
Week 4: Pumpkins
*Dissect a pumpkin(or just carve one). Talk about the seeds, the goop, and the outer shell. Describe what things you can make with these items(pie, baked seeds). Save the seeds to plant.
*Pumpkin Journal Sheet
*Visit a pumpkin patch and talk about how pumpkins grow. Maybe plan to plant some next spring. There is a Pumpkin life cycle print out at enchantedlearning.com.
*Talk about some other members of the gourd family.
*Peter pumpkin eater poem. Create your own acrostic pumpkin poem.
*Pre-K- P is for pumpkin. Do some basic math with the seeds. Make a jack-o-lantern mask. *Project:
Make a pumpkin dessert. We are making Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yum

So, there is four weeks of nature studies for you. You can add so much to these or take some things away to make them into studies that fit your children. Like I mentioned, I will add pictures of our activities every week. Feel free to add your pictures as well. I would love to hear your pumpkin recipes. If you add any material to the weekly studies, please share those as well.

Have a wonderful fall!!

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