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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Monsterous Month

What a lack of posting, huh? It has really been a crazy month. It started out with my husband going to work only to find out that his restaurant was shutting THAT day. With this economy I was scared to death for our family. He search here in Indy trying to find something that would pay enough to support our family. He could always find a cook position, which doesn't pay much, but he could not find a chef position. So, when his company offered for him to stay with them and relocate he jumped on it.

This triggered 3 weeks of unanswered questions, unknown locations, and dates that were not coming. However, they did pay him to sit at home through these events :)
First, they suggested Boca Raton, Florida. Who could turn down Florida? After this winter here, I was ready for some sand in between my toes. However, being that we have to sell our current home, they would have had to get him an apartment there and they didn't not want that expense. Florida was out the window.
Second, they thought that he could handle a problem at their restaurant in Paramus, New Jersey. Yeaaaa.... NO. This is a city whose average income was over $100,000. Like this country girl could ever fit in there. I was not excited about that. I just turned my focus to God and said "God, really New Jersey, Is there that many crazy people there you need me to reach? If that's the case I'll go"
About 2 days later they called with an offer for Minnesota. Now, I was not excited about the cold, but my husbands entire family was there. He was going to be working in the Mall of America. How cool is that!! Man, I am stressed, I'll just go ride a roller coaster on my break.
I was very excited for him. It was really a place he would love to work. Fancy, I guess. He is not a 'fancy' type, but he makes great fancy food.

So that was it. So, I thought. We know where we are going. Stress over. Not quite. Then I realized, we have to sell this house. So, this means painting, minimizing and packing, fixing, patching, touring...uuugghhh. Its hard to live in a home with kids and animals while it is on the market. I had to get motivated and get it done.

Before my husband left to go begin work he was able to finish the flooring that we should have done forever ago and get our bubble wall(hey the kids liked it) painted in our basement. So that only left me.... everything else. Ugghh again.
Now, I am mostly done. All of my packing and minimizing is done and most of the small projects are done. However, 3 big projects are left. They are things that HAVE to be done before the house sells. Because of ice storms, they have been pushed off. We have a week, actually 6 days to get these completed before the house goes on the market.

You know what, with all of this stress of this work, home schooling, continuing normal housework, and having an extra foster baby, who we believe is autistic, I can admit that I have sat and had a few good cries. Men will never understand that, but my women friends do. Its like all the stress pours out and your ready to go again. Sometimes, when I allow myself to cry, I do feel like the enemy is winning. He got to me. My focus turned off of God and on to my own pity party. That is where the lesson came in. Through the midst of all this, most of the time, I was able to keep focus on God. He was there. I was always able to open His word and find something that was meant just for me. Something that would encourage me, motivate me, and allow me to visually see Him there with me.

This stress is by far over. We have a home to sell, we have a move to make, we have to find a new home, a new church, new friends and new home school groups. BUT I know through it all I have a Father who will guide me. Who will lay the path out before me and who will help me to lift my feet to travel upon it. So, I say "Bring It On"!

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